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The very first time I picked up a gorgeously gay copy of GO mag I happened to be a spindly freshman in highschool. It absolutely was early 2000s and I also ended up being surviving in a small tired city an hour beyond Manhattan. Becoming the earnest
lesbian teenager
that I happened to be (as well as in different ways still are), I spent the majority of my personal time closed in my own room, dutifully memorizing Ani Difranco words and re-watching the film “
“ on VHS. About particular day, I got decided to jump a practice to „the town“ for a quick moment of residential district reprieve.

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I was stomping across eastern Village inside my Dr. Martin footwear (as displaced kids regarding the early 2000s were wont to accomplish) Bikini Kill cranked to full-volume to my Discman, when I came into a no-name coffee shop in the place of 8th and St. Marks. I came across me magnetically attracted to a pile of cool-looking publications, holding judge on a communal dining table. We clumsily got the first one my fingertips grazed making my personal method to a lone armchair saved into the rear corner associated with store. Within thirty mere seconds of leafing through the pages, the tornado that incessantly swirled through my personal teen brain, had been instantly standing up zenfully nevertheless. I happened to be transfixed by all these pictures of females! Women that looked like the coolest females I got ever set my 15-year-old sight upon! Some of the women had tresses cropped close to their particular minds and others had long cascading surf. Certain ladies rocked tattered denim jeans although some were draped in expensive-looking jackets. No matter their unique huge difference in window-dressing all the women that have been caught on these shiny mag pages, radiated this awesome electricity that thought strangely…familiar in my experience? That is when it dawned on myself.

They truly are lesbians. Like me.

I spent another hrs, curled right up in a strange coffeeshop, devouring opt for an untamed intensity I had never ever reached prior to. We gazed in the pictures of these out homosexual ladies shamelessly clutching hands and declaring their own love for their own partners, once I was struck with an alarmingly positive idea:

Do you know what Zara? You will be okay. You’re every day life isn’t gonna be a terrible even though you are a dyke. Is in reality will be pretty freaking amazing.

While GO respectfully acknowledged
the very real hardships
to be a lesbian, the mag wasn’t focused around the terror of it all. GO was my basic exposure to the „other part“ for the homosexual globe. The side that stretched beyond the „it’s a challenging existence, kid, but I you“ garble that forever tumbled from the mouths of well-meaning grown-ups. The medial side in which gay females failed to only have to endure for the harsh, cool world, but could in fact thrive. Have Actually
brilliant careers
. Go To
fabulous functions
. Fall-in
unapologetic really love!
For the first time actually, I becamen’t just okay with becoming gay. I found myself excited about getting gay! How fortunate ended up being I is part of these a badass society?

Once I started operating at GO, it felt like coming residence. To me, GO is without question a constant rock in tremendously unsteady globe. Regardless of bevy of governmental hurricanes raging outside, GO features remained the sanctuary we are able to collectively crawl into. A safe, strong, haven, teeming with household. ‘Cause we’re all a family group. GO audience, the employees, the city at large… all of us are linked by something just like strong as blood. Identity. Sex. Strength when confronted with hardship. Very when you flip through this thirty days’s problem, allow me to formally welcome you house, fam.



This is exactly a two-part publisher’s letter,
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